The Propaganda Expressions in “Angel and Demon” Novel by Dan Brown

Muh. Taufiq Syam




This research studied about the kinds of propaganda expressions and what messages are conveyed through the propaganda expressions in Angel and Demon novel by Dan Brown. The research used the propaganda theory by Harold Laswell, that divided in four kinds; agitation, integration, horizontally and vertically propaganda. In the methodology of research, the writer used descriptive qualitative method and intrinsic and extrinsic approach. In this research, the writer found there are some expressions that contain agitation propaganda, integration propaganda, horizontally propaganda and vertically propaganda that could be giving influence to the reader. In general, an expression of propaganda in “Angel and Demon” novel by Dan Brown wants to change the mindset of people towards their views to the brotherhood of the ‘Illuminat’i. The novel attempts to explain the history of the birth of a conflict between the Christian and the ‘Illuminati’ and how much influence they had been, the author packed them into a dialogue delivered by characters that are in the novel in which there are propaganda expressions. The implication of this research as an information to the public that a novel is not only use full as a reading at leisure or entertainment, but the novel can also be functioning as media of propaganda.

Keywords: Propaganda, ‘Illuminati’, Christian



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