Improving the Students’ Reading Comprehension by Using Think Talk Write (TTW)


Yuliana Rosita


This research was designed to improve the students` reading comprehension through Think Talk Write at the first grade students of SMKN 1 Lasusua. The research problem was “How can think talk write improve students’ reading comprehension at class X TKJ of SMKN 1 Lasusua?”.The designed of this research was collaborative Classroom Action Research (CAR).In this research, there were two cycles and the first cycle was not success because the result of the students’ test did not fulfill the KKM, so there was the next cycle. The second cycle was success because the result of the  student test achieved the KKM mandatory by the school. In addition, this research must get 70 score to fulfill the Minimum Mastery Criterion – Kriteria Ketuntasan Minimal (KKM). It could be seen in the average score was 68.6 in the first cycle and there were only 17 students from 35 students got score greater than or equal 70. This score increased to be 74.77 in the second cycle there were 26 from 35 students got score greater than or equal 70. It means that this research was successful.        Reflecting to the findings and discussion of this research, the conclusion was think talk write strategy could improve the students` comprehension in reading at the first grade students of SMKN 1 Lasusua and the researcher suggests some points. Firstly, think talk write is a strategy that can be employed in improving students` comprehension in reading. Secondly, She suggests that English teacher can apply think talk write as a technique that can be used in teaching English to all skills, especially reading.