Using English Movie with Delay and Non Delay Subtitle to Improve Listening Skill


Risal Pandi
Muh. Ikhlasul Amal
Halid. M


The aim of the study was to analyse and describe the process of improving students’ listening skill for eleventh grade students of MAN 1 Majene, West Sulawesi Province through watching English movies. The subject of this research is XI Agama 2 Class that consisted of 16 students. The method used in this study is Classroom Action Research (CAR) which the writer works collaboratively with the English teacher. The results in this study indicate that there was improvement of the students’ skill listening. Most of the students gradually gained good scores at the end of the cycle The data was collected from a questionnaire, observation note of performance, pre-test and posttest. The study was conducted with cycle model through the steps of planning, conducting, observation, and reflection. The results of this study show a significant relationship between students' learning by English movie with delay subtitle related to their listening skills as shown in their improvement of post test and positive responses of students than english movie with not delay. The questionnaire shows that more than 75% students felt easy to understand listening materials from native speakers. Consequently, it was suggested that teaching learning process using English movie with English subtitle is recommended into learning process to improve students' listening skills in English language classroom. In conclusion, watching English movie can improve students listening skill.