The Use of Card Sort to Improve Students’ Vocabulary at MTsN Parepare


Selvy Afrianty


This research aimed to know by using Card Sort can improve students’ vocabulary at students of MTsN Parepare. Generally the use of media as teaching aid mainly aimed at increasing the teaching process to be more motivating and interesting. This research was conducted in MTsN Parepare. Researcher used quantitative study in the form of Pre – Experimental design with one group pre-test and post-test. There are independent variable and dependent variable. Random sampling is the technique to take the sample and VIII.5 is the samples which consist with 26 students. The instrument that used is test, observation and documentation. The result calculation of mean score pre-test of students was 52,31 and mean score post-test of students was 65,57. The result of this research showed there was significant different in statistical analysis where the statistical t-test (2,7) was higher than t-table (1,708) with degree freedom (df = N-1) 25. The researcher concluded the using of Card Sort is able to improve students’ vocabulary. From 15 questionnaires, the students answered very positive. Based on the liker scale that the students were very positive in learning English by using Card Sort. It means that the Card Sort media makes students have positive response toward in learning vocabulary. The cumulative percentage on the fifteen items of the positive statements questionnaire was 96,62, while the cumulative score that they got the questionnaire was 1633. The researcher concluded the using of Card Sort is able to improve students’ vocabulary at MTsN Parepare.